It is not only our goal to use the best quality LED landscape lighting products, but to also use the most energy efficient lighting systems for your needs. We use one of the top lighting manufacturers in the world, Sunthin LED, we install special Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting products for applications that are beneficial in many ways.


Our LED lights are equipped to have the best life-expectancy around with greater than 60,000 hours (20 years at 8 hours/day). Our LED lights are efficiently manufactured for the lowest power consumption and highest lumens (light output). Our LED lights have an input voltage of only 10.5 to 18 AC Volts. All of our advanced parts are constructed and fitted in your choice of; copper, brass, stainless aluminum and stainless steel made from the best quality material.


This “Do It Yourself” blog lists the top 8 researched benefits of low voltage landscape lighting.

“Low-voltage lights are energy efficient lights powered by 30-volts of electricity or less. This innovative lighting system offers a lot of benefit and is widely used not only in homes but also in commercial and industrial buildings for its unique and brilliant luminance and cost-saving benefits.”

Energy Efficiency
Low voltage lights are highly energy efficient, especially when compared to incandescent bulbs. A low voltage light can emit as much light as an incandescent bulb using 20 percent of the energy.

Cost Saving
You can save a lot of money ON your electricity bill using low voltage lights since low voltage lights consume less energy while providing excellent illumination in-doors and outdoors compared to other types of lighting options.

Minimum Heat Contribution
Unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, low voltage lights are cool to the touch and minimally contribute heat to its surroundings.

Longer Life Span
Low voltage lights, especially LED lights, last 50 times longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Less bulb replacements and more savings over time.

Low voltage lights are safer to install and use compared to other types of lighting. Low voltage lights use 12-volts of electricity via a power transformer attached to a standard 110-volts outlet. This means that you can install low voltage lights without turning off your main power supply. When installed outdoors, low voltage lights do not impose the risk of electrocution when exposed to rain or snow.

Low voltages are relatively smaller compared to incandescent bulbs and other types of lighting. This means that you can install lighting to spaces using low voltage lights where incandescent bulbs cannot fit. Other than its size, low voltage lights are also excellent in giving your living space soft illumination that is pleasing to the eyes.

Worry-Free Security
You can easily install low voltage lights around the perimeter of your house without worrying about the electricity bills. Burglars are easily discouraged from entering a well-lit house compared to a house that is barely illuminated.

Environmentally Friendly
With the ever increasing demand for energy conservation, using low voltage lights is a great way of doing your part to help conserve our rapid depleting energy resources.

This DIY research just proves how beneficial Sunthin LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting can be for all purposes. Not only do our products save money, but they’re also very helpful to the environment, as well as many other factors.

Other Features offered when we install high quality low-voltage lights include:

All manufacturing is performed here in the USA at our manufacturer’s factory in Tampa, Florida.
Their proprietary mixing processes achieves 3000K CCT Warm White range with a minimum CRI of 80 to produce the highest quality and consistency of light available today.
Our products have an Isolated Drive System to remove excessive heat associated with the light.
High Durability with our housing being CNC-machined from solid 6061 aluminum.
Our lights display true LED color Luminaries with colored light output LEDs to actually emit the colors instead of using filters and films.